No.95 Removing Loose Impediments

Question 1:
Which of the following methods may be used by a player to remove loose impediments from their line of putt on the putting green?
a) The back of their hand.
b) A brush.
c) A towel.
d) Their putter.
e) All of the above.

Answer 1:
e) All of the above.

Note: Loose impediments may be moved by any means, except that, in removing loose impediments on the line of putt, the player must not press anything down. Rule 16-1a and Decision 23-1/1.

Question 2:
May a player remove the following items from their line of putt on the putting green?
a) A solidly embedded acorn.
b) Spike marks.
c) Ice that has fallen from the shoe of a previous player.
d) Dew.

Answer 2:
a) No. Decision 23/9.
b) No. Decision 16-1c/4.
c) Yes. Definition of Loose Impediment.
d) No. Definition of Loose Impediment.

Note: Although a player may remove an acorn that is only partially embedded on their line of putt they may not repair the depression in which the acorn laid. Decision 16-1a/7.

Question 3:
A player's ball comes to rest in rabbit droppings. What are the player's options?

Answer 3:
The player may play the ball as it lies, clearing away any loose droppings lying around the ball. They should take care not to cause their ball to move, which would incur a penalty of one stroke and the ball must be replaced. Or, they may deem their ball unplayable, under penalty of one stroke, and take one of the options available under Rule 28.

Note: Dung and droppings are loose impediments. Rule 23-1 applies.

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