No.64 Teeing the Ball

Question 1:
On the teeing ground a player piles up some loose soil to tee their ball on. Is this permitted by the Rules?

Question 2:
On the teeing ground a player gouges up a bit of turf with their club to tee their ball on. Is this permitted by the Rules?

Answer 1:


Answer 2:
Yes. In fact, the English Pro golfer, Laura Davis, regularly uses this method of teeing her ball.

Part of Rule 11-1 states;

For the purposes of this Rule, the surface of the ground includes an irregularity of surface (whether or not created by the player) and sand or other natural substance (whether or not placed by the player).

Note: In the interests of maintaining course teeing areas in good condition it is strongly recommended that players do not regularly use the above methods for teeing their balls.

Question 3:
A player tees his ball on the plastic top of a container and then makes his stroke. What is the penalty, if any?

Answer 3:
The player is disqualified. The object is not a conforming tee because it is not a device designed to raise the ball off the ground.

Part of Rule 11-1 states;
If a player makes a stroke at a ball on a non-conforming tee, or at a ball teed in a manner not permitted by this Rule, he is disqualified.
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