Question 33:

On the teeing ground, as Tom starts his downswing, a fellow competitor drops a ball and it rolls in front of him. It is too late for him to abort his stroke and he tops his ball as far as the forward tee-markers. He is not at all happy as he walks the 20 yards to retrieve his ball, returns to the teeing ground, tees it up again and slices it into some trees. As his ball is lying in soft ground with tree roots all around, he uses a tee peg to probe around his ball, to ensure that he will not damage his weak wrist if his club bounces of a hidden root during his stroke. When he makes his stroke it is a good one landing just short of the putting green. His putt just misses the hole, stopping 4 inches behind it. He is worried about stepping on his fellow competitors' lines of putts, so he stands astride an extension of his line of putt behind his ball and taps it into the hole. What is Tom's score for the hole?

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19th Hole Titbit - Do You Know?

That you may have the line of play indicated to you by anyone, except on the putting green. Rule8-2a.



Answer 33:
1 - Topped stroke from the teeing ground.
2 - One penalty stroke for picking-up the ball, which was in play.
Note: There is no relief for distractions that occur during a stroke, which are a common occurrence that players must accept (Decision 1-4/1). When Tom made a stroke with the intention of moving his ball it was in play (Definition of "Ball in Play"). If he had been able to intentionally swing over his ball without moving it, the swing would not have counted. When Tom lifted the ball, he incurred a penalty of one stroke under Rule 18-2a and was required to replace it.  However, when he made a stroke at the re-teed ball, he played a ball under penalty of stroke and distance (see Rule 27-1a). This procedure overrides Rule 18-2a and, therefore, the penalty under Rule 18-2a does not apply (Decision 18-2a/2).
3 - Second drive from the teeing ground.
4 - Stroke short of the putting green.

Note: There is no penalty for probing the area around where a ball lies, providing the lie of the ball, area of intended stance or swing or the line of play is not improved, so as to give the player an advantage, and the ball is not moved (Rule 13-2).
5 - Long putt to behind the hole.
6 - Tap backwards into the hole.
Note: There is no penalty for standing astride the line of putt if the stance is taken to avoid standing on another player's line of putt or prospective line of putt (Exception to Rule 16-1e).

Tom scores 6 for the hole.

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