Question 32:

Brian's drive comes to rest amongst pine trees to the right of the fairway. As he approaches his ball he accidentally kicks a pine cone that rolls into his ball and moves it a couple of inches. He plays his ball from where it comes to rest up to the fringe of the putting green. He asks Simon, a fellow competitor, to attend the flagstick and makes a long putt from the fringe diagonally across the green. Simon has difficulty in removing the flagstick and in the process the hole-liner comes out with it, just as Brian's ball drops into the hole. What is Brian's score for the hole?

(The answer is below)



19th Hole Titbit - Do You Know?

That you may discontinue play if you believe that there is danger from lightning (but not for bad weather in general). Rule 6-8.



Answer 32:
1 - Drive into the pine trees.
2 & 3 - Penalty of one stroke for causing the ball in play to move (Rule 18-2a). This is then increased to a penalty of two strokes, because he did not replace the ball where it was when he caused it to move before playing it again. (Penalty statement under Rule 18).
4 - Stroke to the fringe of the putting green.
5 - Putt from the fringe into the hole.
Note: Brian does not incur a penalty for putting into the hole without a hole-liner (Decision 17/7).

Brian scores 5 for the hole.

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